Online Arabic Classes

Modern Standard Arabic is currently the sixth most commonly spoken language globally. The British Omani Society runs fun, competitively priced, Arabic classes for various learner levels online. Our classes, which also include Omani dialect, have won high plaudits from participants.

Our courses cover both written and spoken Arabic and focus on Modern Standard Arabic, although our expert teachers have good knowledge of various dialects, including Omani dialect, and can explain different dialectic translations, depending on students’ interests.

Courses run for 10 weeks and consist of 2 hour classes. Any material (courses roughly follow the Gateway to Arabic books) required for the course will be provided via email PDF. However, we recommend students purchase the Gateway to Arabic books if they are able to. There is no requirement for how much work students do between lessons, but we highly recommend putting some time aside each week to revise vocabulary, spelling and grammar etc. The more work you put into your studies, the more you'll get out of the course. 

Our next term starts w/c 29th April 2024. All classes are currently run on Zoom.

Our courses are open to all and cost £200 for each 10-week course. If you are interested in joining our classes, please email us at

If you are interested in our Omani Dialect classes (Upper Intermediate-Advanced Level Arabic only), please click here.