The British Omani Society & The New Generation Group hosts monthly Zoom Webinars. The Webinars focus on the most pressing and topical issues in Oman and feature world-leading experts as panellists.

17th December 2020

AOS Webinar

Aerial Archaeology in Oman and the Middle East with Dr Robert Bewley


12th November 2020

AOS Webinar

Plants of Oman - A Journey Completed


27th October 2020

AOS Webinar

Omani Women: Ground Breakers, Trailblazers & Tomorrow’s Leaders



21st October 2020

Royal Geographical Society & Geological Soceity of Oman Webinar

The Geology and Caves of the Sultanate of Oman


12th October 2020

AOS Webinar

Renewal of the Renaissance: Challenges and the Way Forward


17 September 2020

AOS Webinar

Wilderness Trekking in Oman with John Edwards


14 September 2020

AOS Webinar

The UK/Oman Relationship: Insights from the British Embassy in Oman


24 August 2020

NGG Webinar

Oman: An Adventure Destination


18 August 2020

Majlis Al Khonji Webinar

The future of the British Omani Friendship with our OBBC Vice-Chairman Oliver Blake.

This webinar focuses on collaboration in digital innovation and information technology.


13 August 2020

AOS Webinar

Unravelling Stigmas: The Universal Language of Mental Health


21 July 2020

NGG Webinar

Talking Art: Inspirational Omani Artists


16 July 2020

AOS Webinar

Beauty in Diversity: Language, Culture and Nature in Southern Arabia


9 July 2020

AGM Chairman's Address


6 July 2020

AOS Webinar

Oman's Foreign Policy: A Forward Look


15 June 2020

NGG Webinar

Corporate Innovation. SablaX within OQ


1 June 2020

AOS Webinar

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Oil Price Crisis on Oman's Domestic and Foreign Policy