Series 1

Introduction to Insights

Are you keen to learn more about the shifting tribal dynamics in contemporary Oman? Or the development of country's proud musical heritage and the art of 'Al Mawlid'? What about how the concept of 'Shura' is institutionalised in the political system? Or how the nuances of the local dialect makes for great comedy?

You're in the right place.

Here's some pretty good reasons why we love Oman.

The Gastronomy of Oman

The Good Neighbour: A Commemorative Lecture on the Life of Sultan Qaboos

The Pace of Change: The Harasiis Tribe of the Jiddat il Harasiis and their Temporary Camel Camps

The Importance of Cultural Awareness in Business

Wilderness and Self Discovery

The Omani Expo:Today it’s an idea, Tomorrow it’s a vision and Then a reality

Music in Oman: A Brief History of the Practices and the Art of Al Mawlid

Hosting TedXMuscat Women

The Oman Council: How a Visionary Leader Institutionalized the Shura Tradition

Winds of Change

Pallative Care in Oman

The Omani Arabic dialect 

Green Tide in the Sea of Oman

Jalasaat Mulhimoon