Essay on Oman wins the 2021 Governor's Research Project Prize


October 20 2021

Essay on Oman wins the 2021 Governor's Research Project Prize

Rhea Toraskar's excellent essay titled 'Oasis of Diplomacy: How can Sultan Haitham bin Tariq maintain Oman’s independent foreign policy in the face of developing geopolitical and economic risks?' has just won the Governor's Research Project Prize at Alleyn's.

In her essay, Rhea Toraskar aims to analyse the risks to Oman's independent foreign policy, and the diplomatic, defence, and economic strategies His Majesty Sultan Haitham should use to preserve such an approach. Using research from international observers to understand the most pressing threats and viable policy options, she begins by detailing the core principles that define Omani foreign policy. She examines how Oman can balance American military and Chinese technological interests, followed by an assessment of the security situation in the Strait of Hormuz in the context of US-Iran relations. She evaluates the prospects of post-pandemic economic recovery, which will underpin long-term foreign policy. Ultimately the essay concludes that a continuation of strategic neutrality and decisive economic reform will preserve Oman’s foreign policy.

We wish Rhea every success as she pursues a career in foreign affairs and hope she will continue to be fascinated by Oman and its unique foreign policy and exemplary economic development. Rhea welcomes any feedback on the essay so please find her article attached here and email to get in touch with her.


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