Unique Whales of Oman

Wednesday 15th May 2024, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

34 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3ED














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About the speaker:

Rob Baldwin is a well-known marine conservationist, specialising in marine mammals and sea turtles of the Arabian region, and also has wider interests both taxonomically and geographically.

He has skills in many environmental fields, from EIA and protected areas planning to education and sustainability, all with the ambition of making positive contributions towards a better world.

Rob works on numerous committees and advisory boards of national and international organisations, such as IUCN, CMS, IWC, IOSEA and others, makes it his business to get involved in networks, such as the UN's Eye on Earth, and is regularly consulted, particularly in the Arabian region, by host governments and other organisations on matters related to the marine and coastal environment.

Among the core activities that take up his field time is the long-term study of the Endangered Arabian Sea humpback whale and Endangered and Critically Endangered sea turtles. Rob is also a founder of Five Oceans, a principle-led environmental consultancy that helps to bridge the gaps between conservation and development. In his spare time Rob has written and self-published numerous books, mostly about marine life, although he has also recently authored an award-winning publication on sustainable tourism. Rob is co-founder of a popular online platform (www.consciousme.com) designed to bring together great people, businesses and organisations focused on impacting our world in a positive way, and to empower and inspire people everywhere to make better choices in their everyday lives.