BOS Arts Group Exhibition

Wednesday 25th Sep 2024 - Friday 27th

34 Sackville Street, London W1S 3ED

The newly founded British Omani Society Art Group will bring four emerging Omani artists to the UK this Autumn to expand their skills and exhibit their work.

The trip will culminate in an exhibition at The British Omani Society premises 25 - 27th September, to which we are delighted to invite our members.

There will be a private viewing of the exhibition on September 26th from 6 PM to 8 PM at 34 Sackville Street, showcasing the works of the artists along with other pieces. This event is what the "Book" button registers for.

The aim of the visit is to support art in Oman and the bilateral relationship between Britain and Oman. The trip will offer the artists the opportunity to develop their skills and show their work to an international audience.

This year, the visit is focused on traditional art, and the artists will be working in oil or acrylic. The visit will take place from 2nd - 30th September 2024. Their time in the UK will include two weeks of tuition and workshops at the Welsh Academy of Art, which provides a unique opportunity in Wales to practice the classical methods of drawing and painting. The artists will study landscape, portrait and still life painting, and conduct a program of visits. There will also be time to create new works which will be included in an exhibition.  

The visit has been funded by support from a number of generous sponsors including Renaissance Services SAOG, The London Speakers Bureau, The British Omani Society, and The Oman British Friendship Association, as well as some generous anonymous private sponsorship.

About the Art Group

The exhibition is being organised by the newly founded BOS Art Group, which was launched at The British Embassy in Muscat in January 2024.

The group is being led by British Artist Polly Gedney and her husband Major General (Retd) Felix Gedney, who have both spent a number of years living and working in Oman, the latter as the Chief British Loan Officer to Oman.

Artists were chosen by a selection committee that included Sarah Alaulaqi and Ali Al Jabri, who both represented Oman it this year’s Venice Biennale, together with Lucy Corbett, founder of the Welsh Academy of Art. The committee were incredibly impressed and excited by the quality of the applications they received. 

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About the artists

Almuntasir Nassir

"My name is Almuntasir Nassir, and I am currently an Art Teacher in Oman. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Sultan Qaboos University. In addition to my role as an art teacher, I am deeply passionate about personal development. I have a keen interest in philosophy, finding inspiration in exploring fundamental questions about existence and meaning. This passion for philosophical inquiry informs and enriches my artistic practice, as I seek to imbue my work with deeper layers of thought and contemplation."



Majid Al-Amri

"My name is Majid Al-Amri and I come from Muscat, Oman. I have a deep passion for art, particularly the impressionist style. I am inspired by impressionist artists such as Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, and Vincent Van Gogh. Additionally, I have a strong appreciation for classical painting, nature painting, portrait painting, and figurative art.

Here are photos of three of my works that I believe embody Omani character. I am also currently working on producing new pieces which I look forward to adding to my portfolio."



Sara Al-Hosni

"My name is Sara Al-Hosani, and I’m 28 years old. I live in Muscat, Oman, where I work as an art teacher. My journey in the art world began when I was around five years old, drawing little girls in beautiful dresses, and later moving on to animals and nature. Throughout my school years, my art teachers supported me immensely, helping me eventually get into Sultan Qaboos University in 2014 to study art education. There, I met Professor Ibrahim Al-Bakri, who taught me about composition and how to draw natural views better. In addition to painting, my five years of studying art at the university also sparked my interest in ceramics, sculpture, design, and digital art."