June 12 2020


Qais Al Toubi

Edlal is an online knowledge-sharing platform. Through Edlal, we connect Omani experts and lifelong learners around the world. Edlal was co-founded by Qais Al Toubi and Haitham Al Toubi in 2017, inspired by Qais’s dissertation at the University of Essex while studying for an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Edlal philosophy is centred on technopreneurship, skills development and youth empowerment. Haitham’s professional experience as CEO of POINT creative studios and his background in Digital Media allows Edlal to integrate the delivery of high-quality educational development programmes with creative visual arts, creating a uniquely accessible platform.

The focus of Edlal is on the current and future skills required in the regional job market. The aim is to equip students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and employees in Oman and the region with the required job-skills and provide a platform for professional development. The training opportunities offered on Edlal are accessible, flexible, and economical.

  • E-learning platforms provide employees with continuous opportunities to improve their professional skills for their current and future employment.
  • E-learning platforms are cost-effective education products and services that eliminate access barriers, improve the quality of learning, and uses innovative measurement tools.
  • E-learning platforms ensure a clean and safe learning environment and reduce pollution by limiting the need for traveling to get education.

When we started, the domain of e-learning in the region was new. We needed to deliver a unique, relevant and targeted service that would attract the right audience.

Our target audience are learners in the 13 – 40 years age group. We have made it our mission to understand how our students process information to optimise the educational impact and value we deliver. Edlal provides short instructional courses that learners are more likely to complete in few hours. Moreover, we introduce our online courses in Arabic to match Arab learners’ preferences. We deliver knowledge in the form of high-quality educational video courses in Arabic. Various topics on technical and soft skills are provided on Edlal. Our most popular courses include leadership & entrepreneurship and future skills; this goes to show how seriously young Omanis are embracing opportunities for professional development to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Adding to that, Edlal is compatible with any device you can think of. It could be accessed on a laptop, a tablet, or on your smartphone.

Edlal project has been growing quickly since we first started in 2017. Today, we have Omantel as a strategic partner and Oman Technology Fund as an investor. In 2018, Edlal won His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment for best SME e-service. As of May 2020, we have more than 145,000 users from 40 countries. We have more than 60 courses available to anyone in the world.

In addition, we were selected in the Arab Youth SDGs Report 2019 for contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by providing quality education, decent work, economic growth and partnership to achieve SDGs.


Edlal aims to contribute to the Oman’s vision 2040 and become the leading platform of the e-learning industry in Oman and the region.

We plan to achieve these goals by establishing a strategic partnership with local and international organizations in the professional training fields.



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