Nigel Knocker - Obituary


February 23 2023

Former AOS Chairman Robert Alston writes;

Nigel Knocker's death after a prolonged illness is a very sad moment for all those committed to close relations between Britain and Oman, which he has epitomised for many years. He was a role model for me for over 60 years: he was Adjutant of the Royal Sussex Regiment in Gibraltar in 1957 when I joined it as a raw National Service subaltern, and it was a pleasure that our shared love of Oman brought us together again in recent years.

Nigel's contribution to Oman and to British Omani relationships was spread over more than 50 years from the early 1970s until a few days before his death at the age of 92.  He was a major participant in key strategic decisions which helped Oman prevail in the Dhofar war in the 1970s, including Commanding Officer of the Desert Regiment from 1971-1973 and further military service in Oman from 1977 until the mid 1980s including a spell as Defence Attache in the Embassy in Muscat and on the staff of General Sir Tim Creasey, the head of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF).  In retirement he worked tirelessly for both the bodies which sustain the relationships between Britain and Oman - the SAF Association and the British Omani Society.  He was a Trustee and then Vice President of the Society for more than 20 years.  He never lost his focus on ensuring that both were continually refreshed and forward-looking and relevant to new generations in both countries.  He was a founding creator of the Society's Gap Year programme with the Sultan's School in Muscat. 

In the British Omani Society he will be remembered particularly for stepping forward to be Acting Chairman in unexpected circumstances soon after the acquisition of 34 Sackville Street and working with  a small group of other Trustees to build a solid platform of activity based there. He brought ideas, commitment, a love and understanding of Oman, leadership skills, and an invariably engaging personality which all who worked with him will greatly miss.

Our condolences and sympathy go to his widow, Angela, and children Fiona and Jonathan.

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