The Historical Development of the Ibāḍī School of Islam in Oman

Wednesday 20th Sep 2023, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

34 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3ED

The Historical Development of the Ibāḍī School of Islam in Oman

Oman is a country which is acclaimed for its high level of interreligious tolerance, despite being theologically conservative. 

During this lecture, Mr. Al Muatasim b. Said Al Maawali, will illuminate the part that Ibādism, a school of Islam found dominantly in Oman, has played in contributing to this renowned Omani quality.

The lecture will cover: 

  • A brief historical background to Ibādism 
  • The origin of the name Ibāḍism
  • The early spiritual leaders of the Ibāḍī School
  • The early intellectual legacy of the Ibāḍī School  
  • The Ibāḍī presence in the past and present time  
  • The Ibāḍī experience of interreligious tolerance and coexistence; principles and examples

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About the speaker:

Al Muatasim b. Said Al Maawali is a Religious Supervisor working for The Omani Studies Centre at Sultan Qaboos University. After being a member of the Sharīᶜah Supervisory Board at Sohar Islamic, he has been recently appointed as the Chairman of the Board. He holds an MA degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham, 2016. al-Muᶜtaṣim authored an eight-volume series of books on Islamic Jurisprudence called al-Mutamad, including the sixth volume on Islamic Financial Transactions and Insurance, and the seventh and eighth volumes on Islamic Banking. In 2016, he published his English book Articles on Ibāḍī Studies. In February 2017, he published his translation of the first volume ‘The Reliable Jurisprudence of Prayer’ from Arabic into English. In 2019, he also translated ‘Christians in Oman’ from English into Arabic. Al Muatasim presented some academic papers at some international conferences in Islamic Studies, including the Islamic College of Advanced Sciences annual conference (London) in May 2023. He is now a PhD candidate in Islamic Finance at the University of Birmingham.

Read a pre-event Q&A with our speaker here.